Monday, February 11, 2008

Film comment - You Move You Die

I've recently seen a black comedy, called "You move you die".
I never looked up for it in the IMDB site until today, AFTER I've seen it.

This post is written to tell you that sometimes, the imdb rating is screwed up.
Certainly, for an obscure film such this one, few people vote on it (188) and much few of them liked it, because they are such lazy people.

I enjoyed this movie for its irish tint, from the first 5 minutes. Remember The Boondock Saints, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and Layer Cake?

Although they are not all irish movies, there is a specific ... genre for them.
Like "hit here and crack's there", like "how much a human can bare an almost infinite line of unlucky facts".

That was the movie I saw. A predictable path of facts (really?) but with an unpredictable finish. And it was unpredictable, but not the finish.
It happened at the 3rd quarter of the timeline, (don't worry, I will not insert spoilers in this post) and it should have stopped there. Right there. No further images and explanations and action minutes.

A little bit disappointing from this moment until the end, but not because of the images, but because it explains too much.
Some elements, visuals and sounds are having a better and nicer impact for the audience if they are not such ... "in your face", explained.
Let the people think a little bit about the presented facts and let the people put their imagination to link those facts up to the end.

As I said before, don't always take for credit the IMDB rating.
Watch this movie and you might like it.