Thursday, October 30, 2008


Subtitles in Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is a better player than you might think. I actually use this player for all cinema/tv movies, even for high definition.

This little player (along with required codecs) can show subtitles, without the need of the Vobsub tool from many not-so-liked codec packs.
If the movie subtitle file has the name exactly as the movie file, the MPC will show it instantly (when View -> Options -> Playback -> auto load subtitles is checked). If not, simply drag the subtitle file over the already opened movie and the player will read the text file (.srt, .sub, txt, etc.).

If none of these methods are not working, be sure the MPC has the following setting: View -> Options -> Playback -> Output -> DirectShow Video -> VMR7 or VMR9 renderless.

But when you don't have the movie subtitle? You have to search for it on specific sites, and this you have to do it for many sites, especially for a new released movie.

Another method is to use the MPC, putting to look for the subtitle itself.
When the movie is playing, go to File -> Subtitle Database -> Download -> select your desired language -> download and open. The MPC will search for your movie subtitle. Remember, the "Download" option is not available when the movie window is not opened (or when the required codec is not present in the system).

How its doing that? Very simple: every movie has an identification number (hash) which is connected to a subtitle file.

When no subtitle is available for your movie, you can search with File -> Subtitle Database -> Search or how you normally do on your favorite subtitle sites.
The MPC subs are located on the You can setup another location in View -> Options -> Subtitles -> Database.

If you found the subtitle on another website and want to help other users, you can also upload the subtitle so the others can find it quickly. But I recommend not to use File -> Subtitle Database -> Upload (you may be doing something wrong), instead use the SubDownloader software. More info here and here.


Best movie player - Media Player Classic?

Forget about any other movie player. Or maybe not.

Let's see: we have until now: MPC (media player classic), WMP (Windows media player - default one), VLC (video lan client), BSP (BS player), Radlight, MPlayer, DRP (Dziobas Rar Player), Quicktime.

Al of them are trying to give you the best time watching movies. Some of them requires codecs to be installed in the system (mpc, wmp, bsp, radlight), others are containing their own codecs (vlc, mplayer, drp).

Based on my own experience, there isn't a best player to give you what you need any time you want anything you want. I have used since 2-3 years ago only Radlight + codecs in the system. I have managed to code something for my tvtuner remote control to operate even with Radlight, so everything was just fine. After few system crashes, hard drive failures (not related to movie players and codecs though), I was forced to cut off almost all my daily jobs regarding computer use.

So I began to search alternatives, maybe to install them on memory sticks, maybe not to lose hours downloading and installing players and codecs, etc.

Finally, I came to this conclusion: MPC + codecs + VLC.

1. MPC + codecs for cinema/tv movies
2. VLC for all the others or when 1. is not working.

1a. Media Player Classic has 2 flavors: the normal one and HD (high definition or home theatre).
The normal MPC is contained in Windows or may be downloaded from internet (latest up to now is It can be used for watching everyday movies, along with the required codec. Personally, I only use DivX and AC3 codecs. The HD version can be downloaded from and used to watch HD movies (such as .avi or .mkv ones), or HD and Blueray DVDs.
Even the normal Media Player Classic can be used to watch HD movies, as described here:

1b. For cinema/tv movies (.avi, but remember that avi is not a codec, its a container. the codec may be mpeg2, mpeg4, divx, xvid, etc), I only use Divx and AC3 codecs. These are the ones installed by me, with my own hands, but keep in mind that if you install any NERO software (even only Nero Burning Rom), that suite will install many many other codecs and splitters.

2. When the above method is not working, the VLC is a handy player. It comes with its own codecs and can be used to watch .avi, .mp4, .3gp, .mkv, .flv, .flac, .mov, .wmv. It can even convert movies from a specific format to another, or broadcast the movie over the lan or internet. Or it may be used as tv player or webcam capturing software.

Regarding Media Player Classic and subtitles, the vobsub utility from many codecs packs is not required. MPC will even download subtitles from opensubtitles, without searching yourself all over the net. More of this, on the next post.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Google nu e prost...

... stie sa ii corecteze pe analfabetii romani.

1 comment

An old friend, long time no see... 8th on right side 6th left side


...thinking of something funny...

... not so much.

Ever asking yourself what happened with the inner child?

My laptop's screen... trying to remember something funny. Or at least, to remember a site url where may be something to wake me up.

Ha! Just remembered something! Let's browse through my bookmarks collection ... over 1700 of them.
1, 2, 4, 10... there's too many.

I am just a lazy boy.
Maybe I've caught an extraterrestrial flu or something like that. I don't know and I don't care.
What's wrong with me? errrm, just trying to show you that i am not such a lazy one, but... i am too lazy these times.

Too much work to do and so little time. But I am not doing anything. I have to do, a lot of it, but I'm not.

...photoshop disasters... not so much. those kids are seeing something wrong, where actually, there isn't.

Please, tell me a joke. Even that I know already thousens of them, I am blocking those jokes inside my memory, so any joke you might tell me, even that i've heard it many times before, this time will be completely new.


time? ... over 700 DVDs in my collection, the last 300 with movies, pictures, music, tv shows, anime, pron...
I don't have time to see them all. What shall I do?
uh, just remembered: the 4th series 9th episode of Prison Break is coming up tomorrow and I didn't downloaded the previously 8.
i must see them. oh, my hdds are broke, or almost broke. hmmm, let's save on dvd something to make room for those episodes...

looking for something sharp.