2012, August: some elements were modified. Left sidebar expanded by 10px in order to help a better text wrap. Due to that, whole layout was expanded also by 10px and the 1024x768px resolution is not so suitable anymore. Also, due to the fact that I am writing this in a.d. 2012, I think it's time to change our monitors. Even the 19" ones are having a 1280x1024px resolution, so it's not a very dramatic change.
Post header tweaked to be displayed inline with post text (due to an error which I was't able to see it until now, this text was glued to the left border of the post).

2010, April: theme changed, some elements were kept, some were modified, few crashes but all fixed.
Because over 50% of the people are still using Internet ExploDer, some elements were tweaked in order to be compatible with the mighty dinosaur.

2009, July: theme tweaks and repairs, icons added, Internet Exploder is still on the black list.

2008, March 09: theme is modified again for the blue color, image header and images preview javascripts.

2008, March 07 (from 8pm to 7am): theme is screwed up again. Finally it gets changed successfully (Dark Slined theme is not installed, but adapted).

2008, February: The layout is fucked and restored again. I must remember to make backups before editing, even minor commas.

2008, January 21: The day I fucked the layout. Also the day in which the layout gets restored and even modified for 3 columns, all by myself.

2007, December: Posts.

2007, November: Tweaks and layout/theme changes.

2007, October: Posts and new modules.

2007, September 10-11: Modules tweak, new links, posts.

2007, August 24: Tweaks again, media inserts, profile was hidden, couple of posts.

2007, August 23: New tweaks and modules.

2007, August 22: Again tweaks, fixing issues, master of the show/hide, new modules.

2007, August 21: Tiny tweaks for the layout, thousands little devils for the show/hide javascript option.

2007, August 20: The blog is re-born. Sau in romaneste: s-o renascut acest blog. Getting posts and info from the other blog, posting a couple of pages, tweaks here and there.