Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sinorix 1230, a new fire extinguisher, electronic devices and paper friendly

Here comes Sinorix 1230, the fire extinguisher agent which doesn't cause any harm to electronic devices or paper.
Why should be friendly about something? It should do nothing but eliminate the fire.

Well, we have many things that are valuable to us, either mobile phones, computers, documents, books, etc.
These things are valuable in both financial and spiritual manners.

A mobile phone has a price, but also contains a phone numbers list which we need it, in order to do our daily job, or to maintain contact with the persons dear to us.

The same apply for computers and paper documents. We are storing pictures and documents with historical value with the help of both technologies.

So, that's way we need to find something to preserve our memories and properties.
Besides, an electronic/electric device which come in contact with a conventional extinguisher solution may become a hazard itself for someone's life.

Based on Novec 1230 gas produced by 3M, the Sinorix 1230 solution comes from Siemens and it's perfect in such fire scenarios and not causing any malfunction of the electronic devices nor damaging paper documents.