Thursday, March 11, 2010

Idila/Idyll – Austrian-Romanian Contemporary Art Exhibition

March 11th – April 11th 2010
Atelier 030202 Art Space, no. 11 Sfanta Vineri Str., Bucharest
Curator: Olivia Nitis

Austrian and Romanian artists active on the international art scene (Irina Botea, Delia Popa, Magda Pelmus, Simona Vilau, Cristina Garabetanu, Alexandra Bodea, Marilena Preda Sanc, Lena Lapschina, Petra Sterry, Chloe Potter, Doris Mayer, Eva Ursprung si Eva Schlegel) were invited to present their vision on the notion of Idyll in contemporary times. In the European cultural area Idyll is usually associated with an ideal state of spirit, serene, jolly and familiar with the purpose of being an opposition to the existent reality. In the process of constructing the idyllic environment, gender roles appear unchanged in time.
The Idyll project aims to track, within the social-cultural context, the ways through which artists from two different cultures relate to this concept, as well as the extent of its relevance today.

The project Idyll is the first event of The AUSTRIAN CURATOR FUNDING PROGRAM financed by the Republic of Austria and supported by Raiffeisen Bank.

March 11th:
The press conference will take place at Atelier 030202 Art Space, no. 11 Sfanta Vineri Str., 5.00PM

Along with the organizers, will take part to the press coference, the Austrian artists: Eva Schlegel, Eva Ursprung, Chloe Potter, Petra Sterry, Lena Lapschina, as well as the Romanian artists: Marilena Preda Sanc, Magda Pelmus, Alexandra Bodea, Delia Popa, Simona Vilau, Cristina Garabetanu.

March 11th 7.00PM: Opening

April 8th 7.00PM: Atelier 030202 Artist talk: Doris Mayer in Bucharest

Under the large context of the Austrian-Romanian exhibition called Idyll from Atelier 030202, initiated by the Austrian Cultural Forum, curator Olivia Nitis invites the Austrian artist Doris Mayer to talk about her work with a special focus on the work selected for Idyll project, XL_ extra low # 02_THE WEDDING, and on other 2 videos: XL_extra low # 01 and DANAE remixed. Doris Mayer is an artist who lives and works in Vienna. Her main focus is video art in which she explores certain aspects of social life filtered through her personal experiences. Aspects related to gender, social expectations and prejudice are mostly revealed as ironic comments.
The public interested in contemporary art, video art and in a dialogue with an Austrian artist is invited to take part to this event.

Organizer: Forumul Cultural Austriac
Partners: Atelier 030202, Teatrul de Comedie, Clubul UNESCO Adolescentii
Sponsor: Raiffeisen Bank
With the support of: Corona Extra, Evian, Nespresso, The Famous Grouse
Media Partners: RFI, Cultura, aLtitudini, Modernism, Observator cultural, 22, Zile si Nopti, 1mp arta contemporana, Agentia de

Olivia Nitis:
Liliana Popescu:

Location hint: In front of ING Bank (Unirii Square), between Carpatica Bank and Coral Temple (Sinagogue), near Coposu Blvd.

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