Friday, November 2, 2007

de pe net adunate...

Oops! the wrong end:

Do not kick this ball:

Hey, what are you up to?!

These animals are not really ugly, just overly expressive:

Man-made ugliness:

Apes & Monkeys:

Felines & Canines

Getting hungry:

Purely American way to exercise your dog:

(image credit: Modern Mechanix)

Humans obey their master:

Simple and nice:

Bears in all kinds of mischief:

Polar Bear Swimming. Great shot, sent to us by Richard Lehoux:
(note the "AC/DC" mark under its nose)

Some moments in bird's life:

Loving affection:

Careful with the crocodile!

Animal Photographers:

And a couple of photoshop jobs we liked:

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