Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Firefox vs Internet Explorer

These print screens are explaining how Firefox and internet Explorer are rendering this blog that you are browsing now.

As you can easily see, many elements of the blog are incorrectly shown by the IE, because it doesn't have implemented some features.
Using Blogger / Google hosting services, many rules of the web pages creation/structure cannot be used.
Because the blog uses the Picasa service for image hosting, the pages rendering is slow and it's consuming very much bandwidth.
For some protection/privacy reasons, I am not linking some of the pictures, but instead I am transforming them in base64 code and inserting into the web page itself html/xml code, in this manner I am bypassing images hosting issues.
But only Firefox knows about this trick. IE is not able to display base64 images inside of the web page code.

These are the reasons why the same blog / page is shown differently on those two browsers.

1: header picture has some transparency fading layers. Only Firefox can display them;

2: searchbox is not so special. It's a simple form code with display:inline style;

3: widgets and labels are having an icon embedded as base64 pictures. Only Firefox can display them;

4: elements highlight is performed only by Firefox, although both methods for IE were used (html and plugin:dxTransform) but none of them seems to work;

5: also, another base64 image inserted in the lytebox script to be displayed when the image is loaded by the script.

... much other pictures inside the code are not displayed, class pictures, round corners for comments... etc.
I'll let you find out by yourself which elements are not displayed.

Personally, I am using IE only to download the Firefox on a fresh Windows XP installation.

Firefox: 2.x, 3.0.x, 3.5
IE: 6, 7

Let's hope that IE 8 is better.

It's your choice.