Friday, December 12, 2008


6. Megamind - movie

youtube movie

Not so great, a few stereotypes, some other movies trivia and tribute, but you might enjoy.

5. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet - game


Still not available for PC, I think?

4. Singularity - game

youtube movie 1

youtube movie 2

youtube movie 3

Played to the end. Both. ;) Conclusion: playable.

3. Split Second - game

youtube movie

5 minutes of playtime. Not enough. I'LL BE BACK!

Got back and played for more than 70%. Enjoyed very much at the beginning but in the end, scripted actions might seem annoying.

2. Seven Pounds - movie

Apple trailer

I was right. A very good movie.

1. Nunta Muta - director Horatiu Malaele

Another good romanian movie. Not so much for an action one, funny but sad at the same time.