Monday, October 27, 2008

...thinking of something funny...

... not so much.

Ever asking yourself what happened with the inner child?

My laptop's screen... trying to remember something funny. Or at least, to remember a site url where may be something to wake me up.

Ha! Just remembered something! Let's browse through my bookmarks collection ... over 1700 of them.
1, 2, 4, 10... there's too many.

I am just a lazy boy.
Maybe I've caught an extraterrestrial flu or something like that. I don't know and I don't care.
What's wrong with me? errrm, just trying to show you that i am not such a lazy one, but... i am too lazy these times.

Too much work to do and so little time. But I am not doing anything. I have to do, a lot of it, but I'm not.

...photoshop disasters... not so much. those kids are seeing something wrong, where actually, there isn't.

Please, tell me a joke. Even that I know already thousens of them, I am blocking those jokes inside my memory, so any joke you might tell me, even that i've heard it many times before, this time will be completely new.


time? ... over 700 DVDs in my collection, the last 300 with movies, pictures, music, tv shows, anime, pron...
I don't have time to see them all. What shall I do?
uh, just remembered: the 4th series 9th episode of Prison Break is coming up tomorrow and I didn't downloaded the previously 8.
i must see them. oh, my hdds are broke, or almost broke. hmmm, let's save on dvd something to make room for those episodes...

looking for something sharp.