Monday, May 12, 2008

My first photo-session

These pictures were taken during my first photo-session, with a Fujifilm S5800 camera. Please keep in mind that this is my very first time when I was playing with a digital camera for more than 5 minutes.

Since I am an amateur, I am considering these images as a learning lesson, experimenting with the photography rules and techniques.

All pictures were taken with the camera held in hand (not using a tripod at all), using the 10x camera zoom sometimes, mostly using the P (programed) mode, and few pictures (less than 5) were taken in AUTO mode. They were not retouched with a noise removal software or enhanced in any way.
The only processing step was to reduce the resolution from 3264 x 2448px to 1600 x 1200px with the best algorithm of Irfanview software.
Anyway, these pictures must not be taken seriously into account as for a camera review or capabilities.

Since I am an amateur using photo techniques, keep in mind that maybe (please read: "for sure") I am not setting correctly the camera for a proper exposure, or a white balance or anything else.

Although all above said, some of these pictures were taken on purpose with low exposure values because I wanted to capture clouds or anything that would be overexposed or burned in normal conditions.