Monday, December 3, 2007

The biggest fuss from Europe - Romania - Bucharest

I was thinking the other days that all this mumbo jumbo with the biggest fir tree from Europe will be something that you can forget in few minutes, something that you cannot spare more than two seconds of your life.

And personally I was right.

But the other 2 and some million people from Bucharest thought that I was the crazy one.
So, on the 1st December, national day of Romania, they went to see this big metallic tree from the center of the Unirii Square.

The police and other guys from the city hall were caught unprepared for the following events.
Some were injured, some were furious, some children were lost during the (...not battle, but close) herd movements.

I was smart and stayed at home.

Thanks for the brave war photographers for the ugly tree people photos. (click on pictures for the full size)

This was the attraction point: an ugly aluminum tree which can be somehow attractive only at night.

According to the portal, this tree was seriously shaken by every underground train which was crossing underneath the square (the square is over the biggest underground station).