Friday, September 14, 2007

"Bai, frate.... sa vezi ce Qisda de monitor mi-am luat!"

In line with the ongoing efforts to reconstruct its business and return to profitability, BenQ announced the company's official English name: Qisda.

Quinda stands for "Quality Innovation speed Driving and Achievements." The Taiwanese company also announced it will change its Chinese name from "Jia Da" to "Jias Da" last week.

The new names will be effective on September 1, 2007, reports. With a spin-off project, Qisda is expected to turn profitable in 2008, said KY (Kuen-Yao) Lee, chairman of BenQ.

Qisda will mainly focus on LCD monitors, projectors, MFPs (multi-function peripherals) and handset ODM/OEM businesses.

BenQ will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Qisda and will keep BenQ as its brand name. The own-brand product lines will remain the same as now, covering wireless communication products, mobile phones, LCD monitors, LCD TVs, Joybook notebooks, optical storage products, MFPs and scanners, the company said. Benq will continue to exist but as a subsidiary of Qisda and the brand name will live on.

Benq, a spin off from the vast Acer Taiwanese empire, renamed itself BenQ a few years ago because people kept pronouncing it "benk" which sounded like "bank". So it added the lonely Q hoping people would call it Ben Queue.

Which actually sounds like a long line of people waiting to take money out of a bank.

The lonely Q has become something of a trend in the high tech industry in recent years - to wit Qimonda. The Q is pronounced like a K in this case. If the usual obligatory "u" was added to the Q in Qimonda we'd have something rather naughty. But if one was added to Qisda, we'd have Quisda but then BenQ would have to torture a meaning out of the u like they apparently have with "quality innovation speed driving achievements". Not, you'll note, qality.

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